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Home Selling Tips

Thinking about selling your home?Not sure where to begin?
This may help! So will calling us!

                                     There are 3  main reasons why a house does not sell.


                                     Condition of home



Price - When we give our carefully constructed listing presentation to would-be sellers, we come with vital information which will help us get top dollar for their home. We have done a CMA which is a Comparative Market Analysis which compares the home to others nearby that have sold recently and are in very similar condition. Everything is taken into consideration when we suggest a listing price.

After our presentation is done, we ask if there are any questions.

Yes! Thank you for this information but we want to list this home for $30000 MORE than you suggest!

Since we are working for this seller, we must list at their price.

What usually happens? The house sits, and sits with no showings ,no offers, zip!

Then we hear WHY isn’t our house selling?

Enough said . Most of the time they finally come around to our way of thinking and within a day or so after using our suggested price, the house  usually does much better and eventually sells.


Condition of Home – Easy to figure out, the better condition a house is in, the faster it will sell.

Homes that are clean, freshly painted, with all appliances, roof, electrical and mechanicals  in good working order will have a much better chance of selling faster. Curb appeal is also very important. Age of the house can come into consideration but we have had houses sell fast that were old but in pristine condition.

If you house is a cluttered moldy peeling mess then take your time packing!


Location- Another HUGE factor. House can be gorgeous and well kept, but if your neighbor has a junk yard of old cars in his yard with a falling down fence and a few loud barking dogs, then there’s not much you can do but hope for the best outcome pricewise.

Basically it still comes down to price price price


Many other factors can be issues when selling a home, such as restricted showing hours

or refusing to accommodate show requests.


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