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Credit Score Requirements

Credit score!! If you want to buy a home, this is where it all begins.
You need a mortgage preapproval to buy a home, you simply cannot buy one without it! If you are paying cash, you will need a proof of funds.
How to obtain a mortgage preapproval? From a bank or a mortgage lender, both easy to find. They will ask for documents such as pay stubs and tax info. The higher the credit score the better! The bank needs to know that you can pay your mortgage. There are many different loan options available and some have zero down payment. If you have a steady job history and a good credit score  you may be eligible to own your own home!


These are basic credit score requitements,more info below


VA loans or Veteran Loans are for those who have served or are currently serving in the US military
USDA loans are for rural areas of CT, below in shaded green areas:



The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority has some excellent loan programs,check them out here:

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