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Team Morales at Century 21AllPoints

Who We Are


Sandy Morales

Team Morales is a family team, consisting of Licensed Professional Realtors Sandy Morales and her Aunt, Gayle Forster.

Sandy has been a successful Realtor for well over a decade now and encouraged her Aunt who loved Real Estate,to get her license and together they are now Team Morales.

Sandy is very knowledgeable about the home buying and selling process and can answer just about any question you may have! 

This Team will bring their know-how with abit of humor and a family feel, to each transaction they do!


Gayle Forster

Gayle Forster is the technical whiz of the duo! She runs the website as well as all of the social media and email campaigns.

Working with First Time buyers is one of her favorites, although any aspect of real estate has her interest. 

Both women are married with children and grandchildren and look forward to many more years of helping their clients buy and sell.

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