When's High Tide?

Updated: May 1, 2019

So fellow Friends this is my first blog post,and I am going to be as informative as I can without

causing innumberable yawns,so bear with this Realtor=Daughter,Sister,Friend,Wife,Mother. Grandmother and a few other things as well...Mostly there will be Real Estate info but of course I find alot of things interesting and interesting they will be..Trust me.

My first post finds me in the pretty state of Rhode Island...spent my summer childhoods on East Beach in an old laundry truck that my Father converted to an ancient RV..had four bunks,a small sink and a small box fridge up front.Rustic but when you're 5 years old, its all an adventure.

After letting the air out of the tires he'd drive it right onto the beach,joining a line of other campers all with their fishing gear out,bonfires burning,yep,it really was like that! We"d stay right there

for a long weekend...the bon fire never went out cause all we had was a tiny Coleman stove. My father was a slick one tho,he'd light it up early in the am and put a big pot of coffee on it. As it was brewing, he'd throw open the back doors of the Buggy and the coffee spell (yep, spell) was as bad back then as it is now.

Anyhow I digress (and I have digressed) my love of the BEACH began way back some 55+ years ago and its still going strong. My niece Sandy,(also the Morales in Team Morales) who isn't tooooooo much younger than I,also grew up on the Beach along with me,so you'll find alot of beach Realtor topics.We were lucky enough to sell some beachfront property and love just being around that sea air...if you are beach folk you"ll understand it...

I run alot of Beach Real Estate ads on Facebook,so if anyone reading this would like a current list of any Beach areas just say the word...location,range,beds,baths,Ocean,Beach,River...

On my way to dinner..


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