Sittin on the dock of the Bay

Well,almost! Its right below me as I write this. I'm in Newport

again, same state as my first blog post, but a different spot!

I own two timeshares in is abit further from town, one

is directly in town. Both suit this old beach lover just fine.

Speaking of "old" May is my bday month. Busy month.Also my

anniversary month...40 years folks, to the same MAN. Nope,

its not always wedded bliss and we weathered thru a few storms

but, we're still sailin' baby!

I admit I LOVE Newport I don't want to leave. The real estate

market here is tough ,not much on the market unless you're a timeshare

person like me, or one of those million dollar plus Big Boys on the

waterfront..ala Vanderbilt. Alas ,tho, this was just their SUMMER


Time to talk hubby into looking at another one for the Fall,

but he already thinks two is enough but I say since when and who says?

Heading back to Wallingford where most of my heart lives..



Marble House


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